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GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter Syntax Coloriser for PHP

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0000044 [GeSHi] theme feature N/A 12-21-05 23:28 12-23-05 14:01
Reporter BenBE View Status public  
Assigned To nigel
Priority none Resolution open Platform
Status assigned   OS
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ETA none Fixed in Version Product Version 1.1.1alpha3
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Summary 0000044: Create additional themes
Description We should create some additional themes beside the default ones...
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Additional Information Themes to create are linked by follow-up-links.
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parent of 0000045feedback nigel Create a theme for the graphical VI 
parent of 0000046assigned BenBE Create a theme for the Borland IDE 
parent of 0000047closed nigel Create a theme for the PHP syntax output style 
parent of 0000050assigned BenBE Create a theme for JEdit 
related to 0000007closed nigel Theming support 
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- Notes
12-22-05 09:53

Notes on theme creation:

  * Themes can be suggested for any logical grouping that exists, though generally only for IDE/editor syntax colours.
  * Themes don't have to support every language (e.g. a specific PHP editor may have a theme in GeSHi that only has support for PHP
  * It falls upon the language maintainer to maintain these themes, they may however delegate the job to someone else (e.g. if that someone else submitted the theme in the first place).
12-22-05 11:05

Further notes:

* at the beginning only colour themes covering a wide range of languages should be startet. Editor-specific themes with only one single supported language should follow later on. Basic idea should be to get a theme coverage for every language as fast as possible.

* there should be a general "GeSHi theme" which supports all languages and to be defaulted. This theme should try to give GeSHi a unique colour theme across all languages.

* the language maintainer has last decision upon theming style. Contributors are free to suggest improvements and corrections.

* for themes covering languages with different maintainers (e.g. the borland IDE style covering Delphi, C++ and JAva) the author first creating and maintaining the theme is respoonsible for changes if not stated differently.

The first two should give a direction only, the second two should avoid copyright and contact problems.
12-23-05 10:13

re. your further notes:

  * the first one will happen regardless I think, since only you and me will be doing them :)
  * The GeSHi theme is called 'default'. PHP is styled the way the GeSHi theme will look, as is HTML/CSS/Javascript etc. It's similar to the way quanta/katepart does things, but has my own quirky differences.

    Eventually I will edit your theme file for delphi and make it look like the php/html ones. But you don't need to worry about that too much, because you can use that setPreferredTheme method to override so that the default theme will probably never be used. I won't do this until you have delphi using its own default theme safely though.

  * Third one is OK

  * The fourth one conflicts with my third one. It is the job of the language maintainer to maintain themes by default. That person may delegate the job to someone else if they choose (like the person who made the initial contribution).

    Why like this? Because we already have a commitment from a language file maintainer to do a job for GeSHi, while someone who has created their own theme may have done it "on the fly". We don't want to scare people off of contributing. Of course, the language maintainer can talk to the theme contributor and get them on board to help, and in reality once a theme is made it's probably never gonna change anyway.

Yes, theme stuff should go in the theme package. I haven't changed them yet from lang, file a bug if you want but I know I have to do it anyway.

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