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103 theme feature N/A 02-01-07 08:01 06-04-07 04:10
assigned 1.1.2alpha3  
2-3 days  
0000103: C# highlighting for BorIDE theme
There should be a highlighting theme for C# using the BorIDE theme.
child of 0000102assigned Knut C# support 
child of 0000046assigned BenBE Create a theme for the Borland IDE 

02-01-07 09:24   
Yes, I agree. I have no experience with Borland IDE, however, so someone else must do it.

Good idea, by the way. It'll be good to provide several themes for all languages.
06-04-07 00:41   
Reminder sent to: Knut

Might you have a look at the current version of the BorIDE theme for csharp (theme: boride/csharp) and tell me if there are any contexts left that don't highlight at all?

Alternatively I'd be interested in a (full) list of contexts your csharp language file creates ... Thus I can compare if I fetched all already ...
06-04-07 04:10   
Well, the C# language file is not fully done. It'll be soon, once I'm done with exams and stuff, but it might take a few weeks.