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37 lang minor sometimes 12-12-05 09:06 02-18-06 11:48
closed 1.1.1alpha3  
none 1.1.1alpha4  
0000037: Delphi CP: Block Starter\Ender Detection irritated by comments
In the current release a source like

// ASM

was highlighted correctly but contained a starting keyword for the block detection of the current DCP because of missing checks for comments.
Input the above source and print_r the GeSHi object after parseCode was called
Problem was only mistake inside the Delphi CP.
related to 0000038closed nigel Parse comment contexts as single regexps 
child of 0000006assigned BenBE Delphi support 

12-12-05 09:09   
A first fix has been uploaded to the repository. It should fix this issue and do a correct detection of if the keywords are used in the correct context.
12-12-05 09:29   
Sorry for reopening this issue for short moment, but I had to edit some information to make it clearly indicate a problem of the Delphi Language (I can't edit resolved issues). The fix inside the repository stayed the same. Only the information of the bugtracker changed.
02-18-06 11:48   
Issue closed.