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82 scripts feature N/A 05-18-06 09:59 01-31-07 09:44
new 1.1.1alpha4  
0000082: Script for theme completeness testing
There should be some little PHP script that you can give the language file and which then verifies that for all contexts there are assigned themes and if necessary tells you which contexts are missing.
The script should output:
- Information for all themes supporting the given language
- Include information for sublanguages too (in the same run if specified)
- Tell contexts that have aliased styles
- Tell contexts with missing styles (fall back styles)
- Give a short summary which styles need to be added (maybe with a copy&paste-sourcee for instant insert).

05-19-06 21:48   
Sounds like a good idea.

I was actually planning on removing the scripts/ directory (inc. the get-keywords scripts) because I didn't see a lot of use for it.

Instead, I was going to code something else, like a "language file generator". So you could describe the language and it would generate a language file based on the description.

Part of that could be a program like this that tells you about theme stuff.

All airy-fairy at the moment of course :)
05-19-06 23:20   
The contents of the scripts directory could become third party scripts that help you using GeSHi or working with it (e.g. a theme creator, completeness-tester, ...). So the directory might just well stay, only now it is quite empty *g*
05-19-06 23:45   
Yes. I will remove the keyword getter script at some point. But many better scripts can go in there in its place.
09-13-06 13:25   
What's current state about this?
09-13-06 14:54   
I won't be building anything until the language file format is finalised. It's getting there though. After 1.1.5 is when the format will probably be finalised.
01-31-07 09:44   
This is actually a good idea.

It could be added in the contrib section, and would be useful for language debugging.