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88 core block always 07-31-06 21:13 09-13-06 15:24
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0000088: Drop support for phpBB mod
Hi guys,

I want to drop support for this mod, including relinquishing control of the sourceforge project. It's going nowhere and nobody seems to be working on it.

Maybe somebody else later will pick it up and improve on it, but as far as I'm concerned my involvement with it is over.
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07-31-06 23:47   
As of now I'm setting priorities to the GeSHi core and not to the integration MOD for GeSHi into the phpBB as the basic phpBB is unusable for serious programming boards. That's why current work should go to the GeSHi core.

Developing this MOD for the blank phpBB is useless; if developing it for a board it should go to phpBB Plus (improved phpBB) or Orion ( OR waiting for the new Olympus (phpBB3) ...

I doubt there's any use in writing the MOD for outdated software!
08-01-06 09:53   
Sounds good - I am going to ceed control of the sf project and remove the subproject from the tracker soon.
08-01-06 10:57   
I'm not sure if you understand me completely as I meant this note?

Basically I'd pause the MOD developement for now or retargeting it to one of the named softwares (all are based on phpBB, but feature much more possibilities). Completely discontinuing the project at SF is not my desire.
08-01-06 11:20   
In that case, you can take control of the sf project, and I will leave the subproject on this tracker under your control.
09-12-06 10:22   
The current state of this issue is as follows:

Because of a leck of time I'm currently searching for volunteers that would like to support me with the phpBB GeSHi MOD in any way. Plannings are going to retargeting this MOD mainly onto phpBB Plus or CBack Orion forums, where support for current phpBB standard releases should stay alive. Support for the Olympus release ("phpBB 3.x") should not be the main target unless it can be incorperated into the standard version easily.

There has not been fixed anything yet, thus everything still can be changed if there are valid reasons to do so.