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97 lang tweak sometimes 01-26-07 01:43 02-02-07 03:32
assigned 1.1.2alpha3  
0000097: Lots of Keywords missing for C#
There are many identifiers missing (i.e. mainly function names) that are part of .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 which could be introduced to be highlighted within the C# language file.
child of 0000102assigned Knut C# support 

01-31-07 09:39   
Yeah, I'm working on it ;)

Which keywords are you, in that case, talking about? Can you provide a more-or-less list?

Regards, Knut
02-01-07 07:55   
Mainly I marked this regarding the stdprocs and stdtypes lists you might have noticed in c and delphi. I already asked someone who as bit more experience in C# to create me such a list for "common" \ "basic" functions of C#. But this might take a bit until I get reply.

Regarding the type list I'm not quite sure if you should add the basic object class (compare TObject for Delphi) to the list of types highlighted?

Regarding the keywords itself you might need to distinguish between managed and unmanaged code (for some features like ASM???) As mentioned ... I'm not that good at C# - It's mostly what I'd expect it to highlight to make meaningful adaption of the BorIDE theme for it (basic stuff prepared).

As mentioned: detailed list of functions you could\should highlight will follow ASAP.
02-01-07 09:26   

I'll just do it like this:

I fill in whatever I can remember/dig up. Then we all bombard GeSHi with C# source, and write here whatever does not get highlighted that we think should be. And I'll fix it.