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GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter Syntax Coloriser for PHP

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0000001 [GeSHi] core feature always 10-20-05 20:06 12-05-05 09:40
Reporter nigel View Status public  
Assigned To nigel
Priority high Resolution open  
Status assigned   Product Version 1.1.0alpha1
Summary 0000001: Support for balancing contexts required
Description Add handling for equal-balanced ending. For example, if the starter for a context is { and the ender is }, if there is a { within the context (after the starting {), then two }'s will have to be encountered. See this example (perl):

my $sql = qq(INSERT INTO table
(row1, row2)
('value1', 'value2')

The qq context should end at the last ).
Additional Information Codeworker requires this
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parent of 0000016assigned nigel Balancing contexts doesn't take children into account. 
related to 0000003assigned nigel CodeWorker support 
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- Notes
10-21-05 22:38

What about using a stack based context ender recognition? Thus that a context may contain itself?

The example given above would than become a qq context containing (two) sub-qq-contexts.

Stuff that would have to be taken care of using that solution would include
1. Max Nesting depth (unlimited in the first place)
2. Error recognition \ error tolerance
3. Stack handling would require state reconstruction mechanism(s)
10-22-05 00:10

The first problem you identify is the one that causes the grief. Believe me, I've tried nesting contexts.

However, I have actually done this (balanced enders) before. It's not hard to check characters and keep a counter of how nested they are, then end the context when the count returns to zero. It's just some changes to _getContextEndData.

The thing that's baking my noodle right now is how to do it *properly*.

I would not do this by creating a new class, because you might want a GeSHiContext OR a GeSHiCodeContext OR ... to have this ability.

So I'll probably code it straight into GeSHiContext, and have a flag for turning it on.

Note to self: make sure to throw a big spaz if the starter and ender are the same.
10-25-05 02:08

Preliminary support is in CVS, awaiting Cedric's feedback.

This will remain alpha until it gets a good workout, which may only be if someone does perl support.

Still have to do some error checking and optimisations.
11-01-05 14:07

Bug 16 has cropped up... this might be harder than I thought.

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