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GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter Syntax Coloriser for PHP

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0000046 [GeSHi] theme feature N/A 12-21-05 23:32 02-01-07 08:05
Reporter BenBE View Status public  
Assigned To BenBE
Priority low Resolution suspended  
Status assigned   Product Version 1.1.1alpha3
Summary 0000046: Create a theme for the Borland IDE
Description Create a theme using the color theme of the Borland IDEs.
Additional Information Covering languages:
- Delphi (delphi)
- C++ Builder (cpp)
- C# Builder (csharp)
- JBuilder (java).
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SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

parent of 0000054closed nigel $G->setTheme has no effect 
parent of 0000103assigned BenBE C# highlighting for BorIDE theme 
child of 0000044assigned nigel Create additional themes 
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- Notes
12-23-05 04:08

k, I just startet off to create a Borland IDE theme ... Although I have to admit that there's not much to highlight using this theme ... For those who are interested in testing that theme: I attached it to this issue ...
12-23-05 10:04

I will have to create directories for this, and grant you permissions. Keep reminding me to do it until I do :)
12-23-05 14:52

Hmm, it depends.

You may just want to put in your theme file for java:

$this->setRawStyle('doxygen/doxygen/*', 'whatever');

And not worry about having a doxygen directory/file.

But only do that if you know that for that theme doxygen will never really be needed.
12-24-05 00:31
edited on: 12-24-05 00:32

Initial support online. The borland IDE theme should be for quite fast parsing once the output optimizations are done (quite few things to highlight ;)).

IDE theme files for cpp and csharp will follow as soon as the languages for those exist ;-)

I removed the attachment because the attached file is now in the repo.

12-24-05 15:15

It's not really fixed then, if you have stuff to do. You may as well leave it open and mark as suspended until it is done.

Also, if you look at the default theme delphi file there are a lot more rules. If you don't define any styles for those things then they will be given the default. Currently that default is color:000, but I will make that configurable most likely, so make sure you're not putting all the rules in only if you don't mind them being given any style.
12-24-05 15:21

k, maybe I'll add a wildcard rule for them. Borland IDE highlights everything black in black (except comments and preprocessor stuff).
12-24-05 21:48

Seems like a crappy IDE :p. Never mind though, we don't care about that :)

I don't know if a wildcard rule should work for it, but it is supposed to. Try:

$this->setStyle('*', 'color:red;');

And see if it has the desired result. If not, tell me and I'll fix it.
01-30-06 02:53

The work on the promised subthemes has been suspended for time reasons. Will continue to work on them ASAP. The missing themes include:

boride/d2 //No info on the exactly colors\groups
boride/d8 //No info on the exactly colors\groups
boride/bds2005 (alias boride/d9)
boride/bds2006 (alias boride/d10)
boride/default //Loose D7 theme with features of other IDEs integrated

IDK now when I'll be done with them. Expect them for 1.1.1a5 earliest.
09-12-06 07:18
edited on: 09-12-06 07:20

As of now the color themes for Delphi are correct, only requiring you to add the cpp stuff parts of the themes (Colors are the same as Delphi, except that there is only bcb1, bcb3, bcb4, bcb5 and bcb7 1:1 equaling the corresponding Delphi themes. bcb9 is the same as d9 and bds2005, bcb10 the same as d10\bds2006)
As soon as the two delphi themes (bds2005 and bds2006) are aliased the delphi part is done. The coloring information about d2 and d8 are correct.

09-12-06 10:58

Sorry, do I need to do stuff for this bug? I'm not quite sure what I have to do if I do...
11-03-06 08:46

Reminder sent to: Netocrat

According to the devel-list I'd ask you, if you could do the Borland C++ themes (colors exactly like the Delphi ones) or could give me a full list of idents you use within your cpp language file.
11-04-06 15:53

You mean C, right? I don't maintain the C++ language files. Also, I don't have the Borland IDE anymore (though I do have fond memories of coding Delphi) so I'll leave the colourisation to you. All of the contexts are in the themes/default/c/c.php file; ask if you have any questions about what any of them mean.
01-26-07 01:20

Will do C# part for the borland theme soon. For C++ I'm waiting until the CPP language is actually integrated (cuz there're some noteable differences that need to be taken into consideration (especially keywords, functions, reserved stuff).
01-26-07 09:26

Just whack it in SVN :). Do you have rights?

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