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GeSHi Wiki

Welcome to the GeSHi Wiki! The wiki is a Dokuwiki, a well-known piece of software that uses GeSHi, and [will] contain all sorts of information about GeSHi.

  • If you’re working on or thinking about working on support for a language for GeSHi, try Developing Language Files
  • GeSHi has an IRC channel: #geshi on freenode. If you need help with something, you could try there
  • more here...

Main Sections

  • Languages - Notes on language support, instructions on how to develop your own languages
  • more here...

Syntax Highlighting on the Wiki

This wiki supports <geshi10 [language]>...</geshi> and <geshi12 [language]>...</geshi> for highlighting using the 1.0.X and 1.1.X branches of GeSHi respectively, e.g.:

<html lang="en">
echo <<<EOF
This is highlighted with GeSHi 1.1.X
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